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    Ocarina/Castanet Analog Servo Drives

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    The Ocarina and Castanet series of servo-amplifiers was designed to deliver “the highest possible power density”. The Ocarina can deliver up to 1.4 kW of continuous power or 2.8 kW of peak power in a matchbox size (2.25 in3 or 38cc) package. The Castanet delivers up to 240 W of continuous power or 480 W of peak power.
    The Ocarina and Castanet are designed for OEMs. They operate from a DC power source in current mode in conjunction with a DC Brush and Brushless motors .The Ocarina and Castanet can operate as a stand-alone device.
    There are two categories of Ocarinas and Castanets, 60 VDC versions and 100 VDC versions. Power to the 60 V products is provided by a separate 0 ~ 59 V isolated DC
    power source. Power to the 100 V products is provided by a separate 0 ~ 95 V isolated DC power source.

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